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HDA Visual Rebranding

Welcome to HDA Real Estate, a prominent Egyptian company specializing in the acquisition, development, and sale of premium commercial and residential properties. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our brand's core values of transparency and professionalism.

Banan Visual identity

Banan is a narrative that unfolds the transcendent journey of exquisite, handcrafted artistry from Egypt to the global stage. Its hallmark lies in intricate patterns and a sumptuous texture inspired by the resplendence of nature, introducing a vibrant and opulent touch to home decor.

Alfjr Academy Visual Identity

AlFjr Academy is an established platform dedicated to providing Islamic education for non-Arabic-speaking children. However, its existing visual identity presents shortcomings resulting from a lack of thoughtful design, rendering it less effective for its target audience. To elevate its market presence and gain a competitive advantage, AlFjr Academy is embarking on a strategic rebranding initiative.

Media Production


Dandara Economic Conference coverage


Abdelrahman Maghraby

CEO - Founder

Ahmd Hocni

Media Production Manager